Restaurant Bar Zum Hirschen

Whether you are after a quick lunch in the sun, the perfect dinner on holiday or a night out with fruity cocktails and live music, at Zum Hirschen we have got just what you are looking for!

Food Offering at Zum Hirschen

traditional tyrollean plates

sour beef with onions

calfs head with onions

tyrollean grey cheese with onions

dumplings with bacon in soup

dumplings with bacon on mixed salad

grilled vegetables dumplings on mixed salad

homemade noodles with deer in pan

tree kind of buckwheat dumplings with cabbage salad

cold plates

beef tartar with toasted bread

bresaola on arugula leafs with parmigiano

warm plates

ravioli filled with spinach and ricotta with butter and chives

homemade noodles with salmon

grilled beef steak tagliata on mixed salad

mixed grill with croquettes and mixed salad

“Hirschen” burger (roast suckling zig, tomatoes, salad, onions, mustrade)

mixed salad with roast suckling pig


homemade apple strudel

vanilla ice with hot raspberries

dessert of the day

white or black tartufo

white or black tartufo with coffe

white or black tartufo with grand marnier

extra large

XXL hamburger with french fries

XXL cheeseburger with french fries

one meter of grilled sausage with french fries

XL or XXL schnitzel with french fries

XL or XXL grilled beef steak with potatoes and mixed salad

one pound t-bone steak with garlic bread and salad

The Bar

Live music, handpicked wines and beers, and stunning cocktails – we have it all! Barkeeper and sommelier Daniel mixes, shakes and pours just the right amount of fruity liquor, international and locally sourced Gin, or spicy Rum for you to enjoy. Check our events page or give us a call to keep on top of what’s going on at the Zum Hirschen!